graphic design


b. 1986, HK.



La Métro - Grenoble, France 2013

Mike Perry Studio - Brooklyn, NY 2014

Designwajskol - New York, NY 2014

Ritator design consultancy - Stockholm, Sweden 2015


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Zoé Bouillet is a twenty seven years old graphic designer based in Grenoble, France.

She has a taste for colorful and dynamic designs and wants to make peoples’ day better by bringing them sensitive and meaningful works. Her extensive experience includes creative work in editorial design, identity, print design, typography, web design, illustration and processing.

Zoé has a high school diploma from Covington High School, Louisiana, USA and a masters degree in graphic design from Supcréa, France since June 2015.

She has been a freelancer ever since.

Zoé's work has been published in
'My Graphic DNA - Portfolio Design & Self-Promotion' by Sandu Publishing.

She also had an exhibition for her 'Visions Alternatives' @Bauhaus Bar, Grenoble in March 2017.